Infinity (Inside The Posts)


Cover gate frame with fence boards

1. Attach hinges to the hinge post. 2- Insert top & bottom gate rails between the flanges. 3- Add vertical & diagonal braces.


GForce (Standard Gates)

G-Force Hinge is the best wood gate anti-sag hinge available to prevent your wood gate from sagging over time. The hinge prevents sagging and splitting wood by embracing the 2x4 over the top and bottom. This hinge will allow "one person" to install a wood gate with ease.

To learn how to build a wood fence gate please watch our videos. We show you how to "step by step" build a wood gate using our unique patented wood gate hinges. Our wood fence gate hinges will actually help you build a wood gate. Check out our wood gate video instructions page or wood fence gate reviews/photos page for more information on how to build a wood gate.

Cut out between vertical braces

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