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G-Force Hinge is an anti-sag hinge that was invented to prevent your wood gate from sagging. The hinge prevents sagging and splitting wood by embracing the 2x4 over the top and bottom.  The idea came about after numerous years of repairing sagging wood gates. 
As a fence company, we disliked having to install a strap style hinge that we knew would eventually fail. However, at that time, there were no other gate hinges on the market.  So, we set out to correct the problems of the strap style hinge.  The
G-Force hinge is not only strong, durable and built to last, it is also versatile.  The hinge is unique in design because it can be installed to swing on the left or right side and to swing in or out.  G-Force Hinge provides strength and security.

G-Force Hinge was launched in 2007 by inventor/small business owner, Eric Elowsky.  


Meet the Inventor
Eric Elowsky

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